Plans of Attack

Here are some plans of attack for your Kamikaze Cleaning™ efforts during the Challenge:

  1. Room by room through the whole house
    Make 4 lists: repair, improve, clean and decorate, then attack them room by room.
  2. Choose one room and get it into top shape
    Works well if you have that one room that is out of control
  3. Stephanie’s 3-3-3 Plan
    This is my favorite: Each week, spend at least 3 days doing 1 hour of work, spend another 3 days doing 15-30 minute tasks, and spend 1 day doing a 3-hour project. This gives you variety and a few days with minimal effort.
  4. Create a giant to-do list
    This one takes a lot of discipline because to-do lists tend to be burdensome. However, if you organize it into a 3-3-3 plan, you are more likely to make lots of progress.