Timed Household Tasks

NOTE: This page will continue to grow as the challenge continues. These 20 items are just to give you some ideas to help you in the first few weeks while you are getting set up to do this.

Cleaning projects you can do in 15 minutes or less:

  1. Clean the ceiling fans
  2. Go through a pile of papers (theoretically)
  3. Wipe down outside of cabinets
  4. Clean the interior of your vehicle
  5. Spot clean the walls
  6. Clean out the fireplace
  7. Clean out from under couches or beds
  8. Deep clean a shower or bathtub (theoretically)
  9. Clean the dust out of/off of electronics (please educate yourself about any cleaning you do inside of your electronic device for the safety of you and the device)
  10. Collect anything you want to recycle such as CFL bulbs or ink cartridges and put the box in your vehicle for easy drop off next time you are out
  11. Clean kitchen trashcan both inside and out
  12. Clear old food out of the refrigerator
  13. Get expired food out of the pantry
  14. Spot clean your furniture
  15. Spot clean your carpets or rugs
  16. Clean windows and glass doors
  17. Clean your computer’s keyboard and other components
  18. Deal with a pile of clothes that is lying around
  19. Clean out your email in box (doesn’t count if you get distracted and start reading old emails!)
  20. Clean the outside of all the kitchen appliances thoroughly