Two Ways to Get Your House Looking Great!

You asked for it, here it is: Support for getting your house in shape. So many people have mentioned how hard it is to get started that I’ve decided to offer some incentives.

  • Kamikaze Cleaning Challenge: Take the challenge and earn prizes.
  • Whole House Support Program: Ready to get your whole house in order? Let’s tackle it together one room at a time.

Kamikaze Cleaning Challenge – Periodic

I periodically set up cleaning challenges to motivate you to dive into house cleaning. Check back here or subscribe to find out when the next one is scheduled.

Whole House Support Program

Want to really get your house in top condition? It is possible. This program is designed to walk you through one room in your house each month. It’s completely free. You’ll receive a newsletter twice monthly. Each one will give assignments specific to the room of the month. Each week on the blog, I’ll post one habit that you can add to your routine to maintain the clean you’ve achieved. I have a mail bag where you can submit questions to be answered, either in private or in a generic way for the Mail Bag. I will also be introducing you to products and resources that support your efforts. I have several other things planned for the year, but you’ll have to wait a little to hear about those.Sign up now in the upper rigtht corner to get started receiving the encouragement and motivation you need to finally get your house under control.