Day 2 – The Twelve Days of Christmas Cleaning

December 4, 2012

Day 2 – The Living Areas So, how did you do? Is your first room done? By the way, major cleaning will begin on Saturday. These first few days are simply to clear the room and organize it. Don’t bother cleaning them now. There will time for that later. On to the living areas. Living […]

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Day 1 – The Twelve Days of Christmas Cleaning

December 3, 2012

Let’s start with the entryway to your home. This is the first thing that people see. If people come in from a side door or through a garage, that is your main entryway. Walk in through your main entry and take a good look around. Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. What jumps […]

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Is this really all it takes?

August 10, 2012

“I’ve done everything I’ve ever put my mind to. I’ve prepared for everything that has happened in my life” -Michael Phelps Do you think the same thing would work for housekeeping? That if you put your mind to getting your home in order, you could finally get it done? Do you think having a coach […]

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Habit: Cleaning Your Light Fixtures

August 10, 2012

Because they are so far above eye level, light fixtures often get ignored. Hopefully you don’t have to clean any that look like this: Make it a habit to clean them thoroughly once a year. Remove covers or shades and clean those, too. The rest of the year, dust or wipe down as needed. Kitchen […]

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Habit: Maintaining the Kitchen Counters

July 23, 2012

Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep your counters clear of stuff? I can answer in one word: dedication. Okay, maybe I should answer in four words: dedication to certain habits. ¬†Here are my observations about clean kitchen counters: ¬†Appliances are not stored out in the open. This means two things: First, you […]

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Cleaning Tip: Deep Cleaning Your Stove

July 16, 2012

Did you know that the top of your stove can be lifted for cleaning? (One exception is those smooth topped stoves.) You lift the whole top piece just like you would the hood of a car. You will should find a metal rod that you can pull up and fit into the top to secure […]

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Habit: Clearing Out the Pantry

July 9, 2012

It’s a good idea to clear out your pantry twice year. A great time to do this is just before the holidays, and again six months later. Remove the items you know your family won’t eat (why is there always something in there like that?) and donate it to a local food pantry. Don’t forget […]

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Habit: Cleaning Inside the Refrigerator

July 2, 2012

This one is simple but easy to forget. Periodically, wipe down the inside of the refrigerator. It’s much easier to do this when it’s empty, so maybe the end of the month, just before a paycheck arrives is a good time.

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Habit: Cleaning Out Your Vehicle

June 25, 2012

Don’t you just love windy days? You know, the kind where your open doors on both sides of the van and the wind whips everything out into the parking lot? I’ve been there. It’s quite embarrassing. This habit can take a while to form, especially if your vehicle tends to fill up with trash and […]

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Habit: Keeping Up with the Bathroom

June 4, 2012

There are four habits you can keep in the bathroom that will make cleaning the bathroom much easier. If you can train your children in these habits, it will make their chores easier, too. Wipe the vanity/counter top with a towel after each use to keep it clean. This means keeping a small towel such […]

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