Habit: Putting Away Media

by StephBuckwalter on March 4, 2012

Do you have disks of all kinds that get left out constantly? There may be an easy way to get them in order.


Most people start out by trying to get the disks back in the right cases. An easier solution is to remove them from their cases and store them in a generic case or individual sleeves in a box. This makes it easier to keep them protected without having to take the time to find each case. This is especially helpful if you have kids trying to maintain the system. A shoe box with lots of empty sleeves can help them put away computer disks, game disks, DVDs and CDs without much thought or effort. It’s up to you whether to keep the plastic cases or toss them. If you keep them, store them somewhere out of sight until you need them again. This will keep the room tidy and protect the disks.

Photo Credit: Image: Giovanni Sades / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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