Habit: Keep Your Clothes Organized

by StephBuckwalter on February 27, 2012

Keeping clothes organized is particularly important if you live in an area that requires a seasonal change of clothing. In Texas where I grew up, there was no such thing. You had summer clothes, maybe some lightweight long-sleeved outfits, jackets, and a heavy coat. If you owned boots, they were either cowboy boots or fashion accessories. They had no relation to the weather. I had to learn to deal with seasonal clothes when I got to the East Coast.

cowboy boots

First, sort your clothes according to season. This is a great time to weed through your clothes and pull out things that you don’t wear and probably never will. Do this even if you’ve hung on to it for years, thinking that day will come. This is an easier choice to make if the clothing has gone out of style, you are no longer that size, or it no longer fits your lifestyle or age. It may be more difficult if the item represents a good memory or an ideal that you have clung to. If that’s the case, take a photo of it, paste it into a program where you can enlarge it. Then add a caption or paragraphs of text saying what it represents to you. Then pass the item along. Think of it this way: what you have been storing for years can bless someone every day.

Second, put the clothes away by season. If you have a small closet, store the seasonal clothes not in use. You might want to use a tub stored in the closet or other storage area, under bed storage containers, or an unused portion of a kid’s closet.

With seven people in our family, I decided that I did not have the energy to pack away clothes each season so everyone has all their clothes in their closets. I fold jeans and sweatshirts and put them on shelves in the closet, then put underclothing and shirts in a bureau or dresser drawer.  The only things hanging in their closet are suits, slacks, jackets, and snow gear. For my daughter, it’s her dresses, jackets, and snow gear.

The shelves are made out of 12″ wire squares that snap together. You can also use those clothing storage cubes that hang from the rod. I find the snap-together shelves more versatile because I can make them two, three, or four shelves high, and make a double column of shelves if needed.

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