Habit: Pick Up Trash

by StephBuckwalter on January 1, 2012

The first habit to change is a fairly easy one. Go through the house every day and pick up any trash you find in any of the rooms. If you have children, get them to help. This is something any of them can do. And I’ll tell you a secret. If you start by picking up the trash alongside them, you can eventually just assign it to them and let them do it. Having someone come alongside for a time seems to cut out a lot of the arguing/battles that can ensue when you start something new.

I have to tell a story here. I have a friend with an out of control house, too. I did a comparison of the stuff that was lying around our houses. For me, it was stuff that I wanted to hang on to but needed to give away (read that: lots of mental energy for decision making). For her, it was mostly stuff that could be tossed out (read that: very little emotional energy or decision making). If your house is like my friend’s then you will be well on the way to getting your house in order with just this one habit.


Photo Credit: Image: healingdream / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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