Week 6, Day 4 – The First 15 Minutes

by StephBuckwalter on July 14, 2011

When you need to attack a room that is a little out of control, take the first 15 minutes of the project to formulate a plan. This serves several purposes. First, you are productive right away. :-) Second, it gives you a focus. Third, if you get interrupted, it is easier to get back on track and keep going. Try it!

[Kamikaze Cleaning Challenge - Week 6, Day 4]

  • miamichickens

    30 minutes-I cleaned the kitchen trash can (even the acrylic paint came off with minimal scrubbing!!), wiped down the walls, and mopped the kitchen.

  • Amy

    Spent an hour on mending and other misc. cleaning of those ever present piles. I like the 15 min. planned attack – I’ll be trying it this weekend.

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