Week 5, Day 5 – Look All Around

by StephBuckwalter on July 8, 2011

Today, look at your walls. When I look at my walls, I think about the time I visited a family with eight kids and even though their home was tidy, the walls were dirty so it gave an uncomfortable feeling. When I notice the hand prints collecting on the walls along the stairs or behind the couch, I grab the cleaners. First, I wipe the walls with a rag dipped in soapy water (made with grease-cutting dish washing detergent). Then I use a cleaning eraser-type product to finish it off. It makes a big difference in how the room looks.

[Kamikaze Cleaning Challenge - Week 5, Day 5]

  • 1tiredmom

    Mon. through Thurs. my 2 daughters (14 & 16) and I cleaned, sorted and organized our
    craft room. We worked a minimum of 4 hrs. per day, some days more. It is so nice to
    walk into the room and see clean and neat! I’m ready for a break the rest of the week.
    I think I’ll make a dress!

  • Amy

    Mended, cleaned more in the car, kitchen and on the table. 30 minutes challenge time. Hopefully more this weekend.

  • Anonymous

    Spent 15 minutes putting the couches back together after washing the cushion covers.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations! I hope you do make that dress. And you probably won’t have to buy any notions to get it done since you can find everything now. Woohoo!

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