Week 5, Day 2 – Cleaning Your Fluorescent Light Fixtures

by StephBuckwalter on July 5, 2011

Do you have any of those long fluorescent lights in fixtures? Have you looked at them lately? Where I grew up in Texas, we had scorpions. They liked to bask in the fluorescent lights and would do so for who knows how long. It would eventually become obvious that a poor critter (or more) had died, so someone would have to remove the protective covering to get rid of them. No one wanted that job because one time a live scorpion fell out during the removal process, sending a gaggle of girls screaming from the room. Hopefully, you don’t have to deal with scorpions but if you have those kinds of fixtures, look up and see what’s basking in their glow.

[Kamikaze Cleaning Challenge - Week 5, Day 2]

  • Elizabeth Bowen

    Don’t have any of those long fixtures, but looked at my lights and saw that they were VERY dusty. Me and daughter took them down, wiped the bulbs and put them back. UCKY!! But much brighter looking in here! Also cleaned the shades on the fixtures.
    It took 30 minutes to get all the lights. We did basement and garage, too – which required a lot of moving around of my dh’s junk – I mean treasures.

  • http://twitter.com/hollybmartin Holly Martin


  • http://twitter.com/hollybmartin Holly Martin

    Oops! I’m so excited. I bought a 4-pack of microfiber cleaning cloths and I’m going to town cleaning things! Yesterday and today it was the top of the stove–just an awful mess under the burners and under the stove top! Add another hour on for me!

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t even think of the lighter room part. Great!

  • Anonymous

    I’m back in the saddle. Worked 2 hours on my daughter’s room clearing things out that didn’t belong, getting rid of clothes that were a few sizes too small (she ripped through 3 sizes in the last year–couldn’t keep up!). Cleaned a couch that had a spill on it that required a huge, immediate clean up job.

  • Amy

    Spent about 30 minutes on piles and outdated bulletin board. Hopefully tomorrow more will get done.

  • Anonymous

    Just found out that Borax also kills scorpions. Apparently borax is made up of sharp crystals that will do a number on their digestive systems. Sprinkle around the baseboards where they are most likely to enter. You can also spray with liquid borax.

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