Week 4, Day 5 – The Holiday Weekend

by StephBuckwalter on July 1, 2011

Most home improvement stores have sales on holiday weekends so if you are planning to do anything in the way of paintg or need home improvement supplies, check for sales and discounts. Don’t forget to search for coupons online. A lot of stores will match prices of other brick and mortar stores (as opposed to those online who have no physical presence so no overhead).

[Kamikaze Cleaning Challenge - Week 4, Day 5]

  • http://twitter.com/hollybmartin Holly Martin

    I can’t do any housework–I’m too busy!!!!

  • Amy

    Spent an hour working on the little piles everywhere and tackling a long needed mend to one ofour ‘green’ bags.

  • Elizabeth Bowen

    Spent 2 hours on getting my stuff on ebay, Decided to just donate some of it – not worth the work. Spent 2 more hours tossing papers I didn’t need in my “stuff to go through” boxes.

  • miamichickens

    15 minutes cleaning out my sofa and started to clean out from under it-that is a bigger job for another day:/

  • Rachel Ramey

    4 hours today working in the library/office (the room I’m trying to clear out for baby sapce).

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