Week 3, Day 6 – The Great Eye Opener

by StephBuckwalter on June 25, 2011

I’m going to share something with you, but don’t laugh. I’m going to tell you about the day I finally realized exactly what my responsibility is around the house. I was looking at the tiny bars of soap rejects piled up on the soap tray in the shower and was bemoaning the fact that no one ever used them or got rid of them. They just kind of sat there in a growing pile. It finally occurred to me one day that if I didn’t clean them off, no one else was going to do it. A light bulb went off as I thought, “Oh, that must be my responsibility.”

That was my “Helen Keller moment.” For the next few days, I walked around my house with new eyes, seeing all those things that were my responsibility. They were easy to spot. They were the things that would never get done if  I didn’t do them. After many years of marriage, I finally had some details for my job description.

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[Kamikaze Cleaning Challenge - Week 3, Day 6]

  • Anonymous

    Worked 15 minutes wiping down appliances and walls in the kitchen. Did regular housework for the rest of the day in preparation for a dinner guest.

  • Amy

    I spent about 3 hours stripping beds down to the mattresses, washing linens, rotating mattresses and remaking beds. Also in there was changing air filter, hepa filter and washing 3 screens from our windows. We also did our normal Saturday chores to keep the house somewhat presentable – the kids can do many of those!

  • miamichickens

    Spent an hour this morning (a whole hour!) working on clearing the bookcase by the front door-it always gets piled with coupons, bills, etc. Then spent 2 hours this evening working on cleaning up for company tomorrow-straightening up playroom, clearing stuff from living room, and clearing our laundry area(at the end of our kitchen), clearing the table, and spot mopping the kitchen. Geesh, that took a long time for just a few things. My husband was awesome and worked too:)

  • http://twitter.com/hollybmartin Holly Martin

    Hey, I just realized that if I click inside the discussion area and then hold down the ctrl button and roll the mouse wheel, the size of the type grows! Now I can actually read the comments here!

  • Judi

    I’m still cleaning my basement. Spent another hour cleaning and sorting. Making progress!

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