Week 3, Day 4 – Growing Bigger and Stronger

by StephBuckwalter on June 23, 2011

As the kids move into elementary and middle school, keep them doing their chores. It is the ideal time to teach them about taking responsibility, but you have to be deliberate about the instructional part. Talk about having a work ethic, team work, being faithful with little, and so on. This is where a large part of their character is forged–right there at home in the hot coals of housework!

[Kamikaze Cleaning Challenge - Week 3, Day 4]

  • Judi

    We’re finally tackling the mess in the basement! I moved the file cabinets over to one wall and stacked the boxes on top. We’re sorting the mess on the floor into 3 categories. Books, trash and everything else. Books get shelved (until we run out of shelf space), trash gets tossed and everything else is going into containers to be sorted another day. Everything else is primarily game pieces, puzzles, small toys, art and craft supplies and the like. Next weeks goal is to get all of that sorted and assigned to homes.

  • jen thompson

    Spent 1/2 hour in the basement today. I found some areas that still need to be bleached after we had flooding last fall. I didn’t feel like I should do too much of it at a time due to my asthma, but I got rid of 5 bags of stuff. woo hoo.

  • Flmedicmom69

    Not much done at home today, but after making breakfast and attending our sons graduation…I did physically remove a box full of “stuff” that I gathered yesterday when I tackled the living room/dining area~ we volunteer at our church food/clothing pantry, so a great way to share.

  • jen thompson

    Spent another 1 1/2 hours working on the laundry mountain. I don’t have a problem washing it, just folding it and putting it away. ;)

  • LaRee B

    Spent about an hour going through the “treasure chest” as the children call it, the corner next to my favorite chair where I throw stuff when I’m nursing the baby or doing homeschool with the older ones.

  • Anonymous

    Got in 15 minutes in the morning (folded linens from winter that had collected in my bedroom) before my home turned into Grand Central Station unexpectedly. One visitor was a friend who moved away and hasn’t been here for at least 6 years. She used to come over for dinner when we had four small children, the house was in a state of serious neglect, and I would let precious few people in the house. It was a good feeling as I looked around today at the main rooms of the house and realized that all I had to do was a quick pick up and floor sweep to make it look presentable. I asked her if she remembered what it used to look like and her polite answer assured me that she did. :-)

  • Amy

    Spent 30 minutes on the piles in my room and piles of laundry that need a home.

  • miamichickens

    Did a super quick clean up in the living room and kitchen before a friend stopped by and also spent 30 minutes working on a pile of stuff and the bookshelf by the front door.

    Also, I totally agree about keeping up with chores and character building as our kids get older. I did not do regular chores growing up and while I had a good work ethic at work, it has been really hard for me to clean & cook regularly in my own home. My experience makes me see the importance of helping my kids gain this knowledge and practice it.

  • Anonymous

    5 bags is great!

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