Day 7 – You made it through the first week!

by StephBuckwalter on June 12, 2011

This is day 7. If you have been working really hard, take a break or do something small. I personally am trying to cut back on my Sunday activities. I just started this about a month ago and I have found it truly rejuvenating. Sunday may not be your day of rest, but I encourage you to find a day each week to rejuvenate. Remember, we are in this for the long haul!

  • Homequeen

    Day 1
    Paperwork 1 hour
    Computers 15 minutes
    Kitchen cabinets 30 mins
    Fridge 20 mins
    Day 2
    30 minutes in the kitchen
    Laundry 30 minutes
    Sofas clean-out 20 minutes
    Declutter work papers 2 hours

    Day 3
    Paperwork 1 hour
    Laundry ( which includes hand wash, and line drying) 2 hours

    Day 4
    Bathrooms 3 hours deep cleaning 3 bathrooms
    Son’s room 2 hours tidying and deep clean
    Bedlinen 1 hour remove launder 5 sets, line dry and replace.

    Day 5

    Declutter in box and reply to mails 1 hour
    Laundry 1 hour ( I am catching up with the overflowing basket now)
    Kitchen deep clean and purge weekly 2 hours including windows, walls, fans, etc.

    Day 6
    Unit in lounge 2 hours
    Bathrooms 30 minutes
    Linen closet 2 hours.

    I really feel it is quality not quantity that counts, and I am pleased as I made a huge indentation on my laundry load and am keeping on top of the rest of the house!
    Thanks Steph!

  • jen

    Just rested and enjoyed some time with family today. It was a nice reward for all the hard work during the week.

  • Amy

    Took bins to storage, packed a few boxes, rearranged furniture – 2 hours today

  • Anonymous

    Definitely quantity counts. It took me a long time to get to the quality part of a room.

  • Christy

    Spent 15 minutes cleaning out old emails. Still have way too many to go through so it will definitely take more of these spurts of work to get through them all.

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