Day 6 – Go for the Gold!

by StephBuckwalter on June 11, 2011

If you are behind, log your hours today or tomorrow to get the maximum chance to win the prize of 3 homemaking ebooks from Graham Family Ministries.

By the way, I have been commenting on your comments here and there so I hope you have a chance to go back and read them at some point.

  • Anonymous

    I went for the gold. I worked about 3 hours on my family room. My daughter had gotten into several games over the last few weeks and the pieces were spread around. I Kamikaze Cleaned it today–there were so many little pieces everywhere I had to do a thorough job on the room to find them all. Next week I should have more time so I can go through those boxes, plus several more out in the garage.

  • Bonita

    I was busy all day with general cleaning that doesn’t qualify for this challenge.

    I also cleaned out our master bath linen closet. 15 minutes

  • Marissa

    We started the kitchen yesterday. Boy do we have a mess! Meals are getting way behind. The good news is…there are no complaints about the offering since they have had to wait so long! We spent a good hour yesterday and another 30 minutes today.

  • Kdavisfmc

    I worked 3 1/2 hours in my kitchen today. Cleaned the ceiling, the walls, the table chairs (the table was still covered with stuff from the counter), and the long over due ceiling fan. Yuk! The sponge mop worked great on the ceiling, but not so good on the walls. Did those by hand. After putting everything back, I also cleaned out and organized a drawer that had turned into a junk drawer! Also, freed up a little more space on my counter.:o) I am so glad for this challenge! Great job everyone!!!

  • jen

    Whew. 2 1/2 hours today. I kamikazied my way through most of the main floor. There are boxes that need sorted, but the floors are clean. I even scrubbed the baseboards. I pulled things out and cleaned behind them too. I can’t believe I did all that I did in that amount of time! I am feeling confident that I am going to get my house clean AND get my garage cleaned out this summer. I can barely get the lawnmoer out

  • miamichickens

    Yesterday I did lots of laundry trying to get thru the laundry pile in front of our w/d and have put it away (of course now there is more laundry from today to put away-never ending:). I would count that as 30 minutes. And today, I pulled out the love seat cushions to vacuum it out-seriously, I think that was half an hour too:( Lots of stuff under there, but at least I know where all the pens and pencils go, right? This counts, right? It’s something i never do and really needed to be done (and my plan is to clean the couches out, and under them and then rearrange as a last step).

  • miamichickens

    I had a box and 2 little trash cans full of game and puzzle pieces that I finally went thru last week. I think I’ve been putting it off for way too long and was so glad to finally go thru and get rid of puzzles that had lost a lot of pieces along the way. My son immediately wanted to play with them again though!

  • Megan

    Ok so i’m not sure how to log my hours. With 5 kids and one of them learning to crawl i cant exactly say i did this for that long because i probably stopped to feed or catch him and with the others running around plus animals who knows. Instead, I will list what i have done. My house is 2000 sq feet.
    Hung up curtains in all the rooms. (we just moved here a couple of months ago). Finished setting up my bedroom except the mirrors hubby needs to hang. Finished unpacking the boxes in my closet except for one that had garden seeds in it. Cleaned out and organized out from under the bathroom sink. Super cleaned my bathroom and bedroom including my dresser drawer. Super cleaned the living room, including moving all the furniture to vacuum except the TV stand that was to heavy. Cleaned most of the windows in the house. Dusted. Reorganized my desk (ty little ones for already messing it back up,lol). Set up scheduling and chores. Cleaned out the van. Cleaned up the yard! Made cheeses. Super Cleaned the school room and dining room. Reorganized pantry and linen closet making more room for food storage. Super cleaned the kitchen, (had help with dishes) reorganized the deep freeze and fridge. Made sure the baby closet is in its proper order. Did loads of laundry and cleaned up the laundry room. Made LOTS of frappes to keep me going! Ok, I think that pretty much sums up my week.
    Next to shampoo the carpet, finish windows and hand dust whatever needs to be done. Oh and i see that i forgot to clean out and remake nice my tea time cabinet. Guess I’ll try to get that done too. After that I’ll start organizing all my book shelves. I have no idea at all how long that will take. Probably half a day.
    Looking at that list just now it seems rather long so in all fairness on guessing how long that took please keep in mind i move very fast and had most things pretty much organized to begin with or at least knew where I wanted stuff to go. We have just moved and we had recently gotten rid of a LOT of stuff making it a lot easier to get everything done than what it would have been before. TY for your previous suggestion you had somewhere about not moving stuff you don’t need or I never would be able to get this house where i want it.

  • Amy

    Spent an hour clearing up old paperwork for my homeschool support group. Spent 3 hours dealing with VBS stuff – I have a bin full of toys to give to the local mission and a few more that will need new batteries before I donate. What’s the use in passing on a cool toy to someone without the batteries for it?

  • Homequeen

    On Saturday I turned out our unit in the lounge, and polished and dusted everything inside and out. The unit contains some fine crystal ornaments that are family heirlooms. I washed these carefully in a plastic basin. I polished the wood, and carefully replaced everything. This unit contains books and I dusted every one of them too. The whole job took me 2 hours. I then attacked the bathrooms for the second time this week. It was only a quick clean-up and a wipe of the floor, which I managed to do in 30 minutes.
    The linen cupboard took me a little longer and I purged and sorted for almost 2 hours in there.

  • Anonymous

    That’s very thoughtful! I’ve never even thought about the batteries.

  • Christy

    Spent 15 minutes going through junk drawers and consolidating the items into one place rather than multiple spaces.

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