Day 3 – Get a Plan for Giving

by StephBuckwalter on June 8, 2011

One thing you’ll want to do is get rid of stuff. I have found the best way to do that is select worthy people or organizations who will make you feel good about giving your stuff away. I have a hierarchy of organizations that I give to depending on the condition of the stuff. I’ll add mine to my comments today, and ask you to do the same. Let everyone know your favorite places to give.

Plans of Attack!

I finally pulled this together. Yesterday was a day of surprises (good ones) so I didn’t get to do everything I wanted. I plan to do the 3-3-3 plan.

[Kamikaze Cleaning Challenge, Week 1 Day 3]

  • Sheranne

    I primarily give things to our church’s clothing pantry where I volunteer. We also take household goods. It is fun and rewarding to see someone take something of yours home and be so excited about their “new” item.

    Stephanie I have a question about yesterday’s assignment – Planning. I seem to be a complete and total dud at planning. No matter how hard I try it always takes me much longer to do things than I think. I even will plan 2 or 3 times the amount of time I think something will take and still not plan enough time. Part of it is I am the primary care giver for my disabled hubbie, I have 2 kids who are still doing school, and I have multiple health problems. So I just have realized I have no idea how to adequately plan! I would love to have your ideas on the subject!

  • Homequeen

    Getting rid of stuff….? Now you’re talkin’!
    I have a mammoth purge just crying out for this. Today I made yet another small indentation into stacks and stacks of paperwork and copybooks that are no longer required. This is quite a challenge for me, and I will feel completely liberated when I am done! I am a school teacher and much of this paperwork is at home, as I don’t have adequate prep time in school.
    I worked for an hour on this, and the paper I discard will be recycled.
    My stacks of laundry aka Mount Vesuvius, is slowly getting smaller. Another day and I should be able to see the bottom of the laundry basket. 3 loads done today

  • Anonymous

    Here’s my hierarchy of giving:
    1) Give most precious items to friends/family who would appreciate the items
    2) Local area-only nonprofit organizations that have specific needs. Check online for current needs or call and ask. I figure if the locals don’t give, no one else will.
    3) Big name nonprofits like Salvation Army, Goodwill, Purple Heart, and so on.
    4) Garage Sale/Yard Sale. Although not technically giving, it’s a way to get rid of stuff and make a little cash.
    5) Craig’s List. A way to make a little cash and to get a better price for an item than at a yard sale due to a bigger audience.
    6) Freecycle – At times, this will jump to #1 because I like giving locally and can pick among the responders. I did this avidly a few years back and it was fun giving and receiving.
    7) “Too Good to Toss” at the county landfill. Our local dump (aka county landfill) has a huge shed where people can put things that are still good, they just don’t want them. I have seen pianos, furniture, household goods, you name it. I was just there yesterday dropping off some stuff and picked up a couple of garden hoses.

  • Anonymous

    PS I’ve got to find a way to make the type on these comments bigger. Just so you know—I’m working on it.

  • Holly Martin

    Does scraping little black sticky globs off the wood floor for 15 minutes count?

  • Anonymous

    It did when I worked in a restaurant back in high school. When the restaurant was empty, we scraped gum and other miscellaneous globs off the floor.

  • Audreyinboston

    Today I spent 1 hour getting rid of empty boxes (yes, you read that correctly)–getting them out of the attic, taking out styrofoam inserts, collapsing them, and putting them out for the trash/recycle. Then I spent 1 hour entering books into my database. I am soooo close to being done with this huge project!

  • Anonymous

    What software are you using for your database? I have thought about doing that but couldn’t figure out what to use.

  • Anonymous

    You are on a roll! Good job!

  • Anonymous

    I like giving to people I know as much as I can, too. It makes it so much more personal.
    For planning, maybe this challenge can help. Instead of planning a time for a task, do the reverse. Set a time to work, then see how much you get done. Then track that to get a better idea of how much something takes. I am notoriously bad about scheduling enough time. My husband automatically doubles any amount of time I tell him something will take. Too often, I get caught up in my “thinking cloud.” That’s what my extreme right-brain son claims is the problem when it takes him 3 hours to do the dishes.
    Let me know if this helps (the suggestion, not the “thinking cloud” excuse). If not, I’ll brainstorm some more.

  • Davebekki

    Today I cleaned the refrigerator thoroughly (not just cleaned-out, I actually took the shelves out and soaked them in my bathtub), cleared off the fridge top, and lightly swiped the inside of the over-fridge cabinets (the top of the fridge is usually so cluttered that those cabinets rarely get disturbed, so it was easy… the only instance in which I’ve found clutter to be beneficial). I also took everything off my kitchen counters that did not belong on them. Everything that belonged in the kitchen I put away or put in a large bin for homeless kitchen items. The stuff that belonged elsewhere I either put away or moved into the general area where they belong.

  • Davebekki

    Oh… Right.

    It took about two hours. =0)

  • Kdavisfmc

    Today I spent another 30 minutes finishing the grout and tile in the shower stall. Turned on KLOVE (christian radio) while I worked to help motivate me. Definately had a better attitude for this dreaded job. :o) Later, I washed down my kitchen cabinets. It took 30 minutes. They look great.

  • Bonita

    Today is one of those days when I’m really thankful for this challenge and the accountability. I’m dragging physically and had a lot of things to accomplish that were completely unrelated to one another. Had it not been for the challenge, I’m quite certain I wouldn’t have made the effort to do anything extra in the house. Thank you!

    My accomplishment of the day: Removed all books from the large bookcase in my master bedroom. Dusted the bookcase. Dusted all the books. Returned the books to the bookcase, organizing by author or topic. Packed some books for donation and some to find a new home in another area of the house. – 30 minutes.

    Now for the list of organizations I donate to:
    - Family and friends- only if I know it’s something they want, need, or would like.
    - Our pastor friend in Africa. He takes spiritual books and magazines because they are harder to get there.
    -Missionaries and church groups- if it’s in good condition and something I know will be useful.
    -My homeschool support group- mostly books, curricula, craft supplies and things of this nature.
    -Goodwill- all else

    One of the challenges in my home is that my daughter and I continually buy new things (on sale or clearance) throughout the year to give away to specific mission organizations and also to fill lots of shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. I’ve told my husband we need a mini warehouse added to the house. For now, those items primarily reside in plastic tubs in the basement.

  • Debbiemishak

    I spent more than an hour today cleaning out my refrigerator – boy, did it need it badly. I washed all the bowls that contained leftovers that weren’t used up. I really hate throwing away food, so I’m going to keep better track of what goes in the ‘fridge.
    I spent 30 minutes getting items packed to take to my classroom. Then I drove to my classroom and put the items where they go in my supply closet.
    I also spent 30 minutes doing laundry and hanging most (except underwear and socks) on the clothesline. Folded everything once it was dry and put all away.

  • jen

    Worked all day long. I am waaay too tired to do anything to my house today. Does getting my 5 y/o to wash her hair count? Lol.

  • Marissa

    Today we started with 1/2 hour outside and believe me it took all we had to work that long, it was in the high 90s here in Ohio. If it weren’t for “The Great Clean” we would have thrown in the towel after 10 minutes!
    After that we spent 30 minutes mending the freshly washed curtains and hanging them up in the Tea Room we started on Monday. I expect to have it finished tomorrow. Yeah!
    Then I moved to the basement for 3 hours. We recently had just over 4 feet of water surprise us one morning. To which I was able to say…”The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord!” I haven’t found anything to give away yet, mostly I’m just totally organizing that which was left. Things are coming along VERY well, I so appreciate this great motivation. Thank you, Stephanie!

  • Amy

    Spent an hour on my dining room table and piles in my living room. I also spent some time putting away stuff from today before it becomes tomorrow’s (or next year’s) clutter.

  • miamichickens

    Hi! Just went thru my emails and saw the Cleaning Challenge-what great motivation! Tonight I spent 30 minutes going thru a box in the living room that is supposed to hold my toddler’s diapers, wipes, etc and has ended up holding bills and all sorts of other things. Also, worked on clearing the kitchen table and putting the stuff from the box in its proper place.

    For giving:
    -family or friends
    -local community outreach that provides food and clothing for free. (they only use items with very little wear so I try to only sent what they will use)
    -other stuff, Goodwill if I think it is still usable or household items that i know the place listed above doesn’t have space for.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome! Looks like you’re off to a good start.

  • Anonymous

    Only it was successful, LOL. My 5 yo does not do that yet, either.

  • Anonymous

    I never thought about it before, but those cabinets above my fridge are in the same condition as when I loaded them, too. Great way to put a positive spin on it!

  • Rachel Ramey

    We actually did that this week, too. :) There is a church here that hosts an annual “clothing giveaway.” (Really, they take all household items, though.) People bring their stuff to the fairgrounds, church members sort it, and then on Saturday, people can come in and “shop.” After a yard sale my parents and I had about a month ago, we hung onto the leftovers, and just dropped them all off for this on Monday (then stayed to help sort for a bit). We’ll go back today for an hour or two to help sort. And an entire trunkload of unneeded items are now gone from my house!

  • Christy

    Spent 15 minutes gathering up stuff that I had previously gone through and just left sitting. Pulled it all together into boxes and will be sending out with hubby tomorrow to local church store.

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