Day 2 – Do a Little Planning

by StephBuckwalter on June 7, 2011

Welcome to Day 2! Now that you’ve gotten your feet wet, take the time to do a little planning. Print a calendar page from one of those free sites and start filling it in with your intent. Sorry, but planning does not count toward your hours worked–only action counts (it is a housecleaning challenge, after all).

Feel free to comment on each others’ posts. There were some really great stories on Day 1.

Okay, I was going to have a list of approaches ready today but I was out way more than I thought I would be, so I will jump on that on that today and try to have it out some time in the afternoon if you want to check back for it. I’ll add it to tomorrow’s post, too so you don’t miss it.

Plans of Attack!

I finally pulled this together. Tuesday was a day of surprises (good ones) so I didn’t get to do everything I wanted. I plan to do the 3-3-3 plan.


[Kamikaze Cleaning Challenge, Week 1, Day2]

  • jen

    Woo hoo. Spent 30min in the kitchen and can see my counters again. Spent another 1/2 hour tackling the laundry monster that resides in the basement. It still lives there but is smaller. LOL

  • jen

    woo hoo! I spent 30minutes in the kitchen and can see my counters again. I also spent 1/2 hour tackling the laundry monster that lives in my basement. He still lives there but is a lot smaller. lol

  • Debbiemishak

    Spent 2 1/2 hours on the master bedroom this morning sorting through piles in the corner, dusting (even the ceiling fan!) and cleaning the windows. Took down the blinds and washed them in the bathtub. I bagged up my teacher supplies to take to my classroom (I can store those at school instead of at home).

  • Homequeen

    Spent 30 minutes in the kitchen cleaning the front of all home appliances with Clorox Clean-Up. I made a start on the Mt Vesuvius of laundry that seems to be without end.
    I pulled out the sofas in the living room and got the vacuum cleaner and nozzle doen under the cushions. Lit an aromatherapy candle and really felt I had accomplished something. This was after a morning spent at work, decluttering!

  • Bonita

    Cleaned out jewelry box and the drawer of my bedside table- 15 minutes.

    Sorted through plastic bins of books in the basement- 1 hour. Some are being stored in a more orderly fashion, some will be sold, and some will be donated. Can you tell we homeschool?

  • Sbourne825

    I worked 2 hours on my 13 & 9 year old daughters room, with their help of course. The 13 yo was loaned a calculator from school and we are trying to locate in the black hole (our term for their room). The search wasn’t successful today but tomorrow is another day.

  • Kdavisfmc

    Day 2: I worked 45 minutes scrubbing the grout in the shower of our master bathroom. (One of my least favorite jobs) Had to leave for work so I’ll need to get motivated again in the morning to finish it. :o)

  • Marissa

    Don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but I can’t seem to stay in one area. This morning we needed to work outside in neglected garden beds for an hour from 8:00 to 9:00 before it got too hot here in NW Ohio. After lunch we went back to the room from yesterday, but had to leave after an hour in order for the carpet to dry so from there I just cleaned up some odd piles of miscellaneous stuff that had been bugging me. I’m thrilled with the results so far, but I imagine it will be even better the morning after we completely finish one room!

  • Holly Martin

    Spent 20 min. wiping down interior of my car–it looks really nice! Yesterday spent 15 min. replacing water filter on fridge. First time I did it, so it took awhile!

  • Sheranne

    I spent 2 1/2 hours out in my highly neglected yard – we have had so much rain I have never seen so many weeds that are so tall (I was fearing another health department complaint -we’ve gotten those 4 of the past 5 years). I still have so much to do in order to get my garden planted, but at least I made some progress – I only quit b/c the heat was unbearable. After I recovered from the heat I spent 1/2 hours tackling the kitchen (once again, no where near done but I see glimpses of counter!) and then another half hour tackling my massive laundry monster (broken washer a few months ago and I am still not caught up!)
    So if the yard counts, 3 1/2 hours if not then 1 hour.

  • Sheranne

    Marissa I have a hard time staying in one place too, mainly b/c there is so much that has to be done everywhere – and I am constantly interrupted by children!

  • Audreyinboston

    Yesterday I sorted kid clothes in the attic for 45 minutes–now I have two large bags of clothes to give away! Today I spent 15 minutes getting all the winter gear (yes, you read that right) out of the front entry baskets.

  • Davebekki

    Did my planning (kitchen for July).
    Also went through old cooking magazines to tear out the recipes I want to keep. Took about an hour, I think. It was hard to time because I was interrupted more times than I would usually be today. At least that’s done.

  • Amy

    I spent my 30 minutes today dealing with kitchen clutter that was permanently on my counters and is now back in its cabinets. I also wrapped, packaged and addressed MILs birthday/Mothers Day gift from last month. Now to mail it!

  • Anonymous

    Next year I’ll have to come up with a system that rewards points for doing things that impact others in a positive way. Good job on the gift!

  • Anonymous

    Guess what? We’re doing the kitchen in July for the Whole House Support program if you want to join in there, too.
    Tuesday must have been a universal day of massive interruptions because I had them, too.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations! A new skill.

  • Anonymous

    What do you use to clean it? I can never seem to get mine clean.

  • Anonymous

    I hope it wasn’t one of those $90 scientific calculators. I priced those for my son this year and had no idea they were so expensive!

  • Anonymous

    Sorting bins of books for an hour? One of two conclusions: homeschooler or writer. My dream is to one day have a whole room devoted to books–a real library. But not with 5 kids still at home. :-)

  • Anonymous

    I cannot count yard work, per se, but I can count anything you did to clean up or organize the storage areas for your tools. Our weeds are out of control, too, due to the rain. Let me just say that we’d never starve because we could live on dandelion greens for years with this yard.

  • Bonita

    You guessed right on both counts! Homeschooler and a writer!

  • Megan

    Used Donna Youngs Chore chart maker to set up how things should run and correlated it with the daily home planner- 2 days

  • Anonymous

    Donna Young has lots of good stuff. I’m glad you mentioned it here.

  • Christy

    Spent 45 minutes working on laundry that had been washed and dried, but neglected to be put away. That seems to happen more and more often at my house. Planning today needs to include how I might work better with the laundry and not neglect that final step.

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