Day 1 – Take Some Action

by StephBuckwalter on June 6, 2011

PLEASE NOTE: If you are joining in after Day 1, please post the work you did on the day you did. These posts are not assignments, just ideas to keep you motivated.

This is day 1 of the Kamikaze Cleaning Challenge-Summer 2011 Edition. It may be hard to get started, but try to do at least one 15-minute project today. For a list of 15-minute projects, click here.

Once you have done your work for the day, come back and post it in the comments under the appropriate day’s entry or add it to the Busy Homemaker Facebook page. Look in the comments for my project of the day each day except Sundays. I’m working on using the 3-3-3 plan detailed later this week.

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  • Donna D.

    Love the challenge. Always looking for new ways to stay motivated.

    Spent 30 minutes in my son’s room de-cluttering and organizing.

  • Rachel Ramey

    30 minutes weeding catalogs. (That’s bad, isn’t it? That I *had* that many catalogs?!)

    How do I get a picture to show here?

  • Megan

    stocked and organized pantry- 1 hr
    Cleaned out all cabinets in kitchen and dining room-2 hrs
    bombed house-5 min

  • Anonymous

    Do you mean in the comments or next to your name? I don’t have the comments set to accept pictures. It took me a while to find the upload photo part, too. It is on the advanced options page.

  • Christy

    I’m getting started about a week late (better late than never) since I just read my emails from last week. Does that qualify for neglect? Probably not! Anyway, spent 30 minutes decluttering the living room and another 30 minutes organizing my son’s bedroom – what we had going on just wasn’t working and at 7 he can’t do a whole room himself. He did help, though, and we got rid of some of his clutter which is awesome for him.

  • Flmedicmom69

    Wow…I am am pretty far behind already, but there is no time like the present. I am just reading about the challenge today. I have been saving emails to read later and today I have a few moments to try and catch up before the kids wake up. My plan for today is straightening up before my MIL comes :) Last night I climbed up on the step stool with broom, soapy water and sponge in hand and tackled the very top (above) the kitchen cupboards. I only keep a few things there that are mostly decorative… because this is such a difficult area to get to and gets dusty as all get out. Hubby helped reach what I couldn’t and that part is done so I can continue on with the more accessible areas today. I am so glad that there are people that understand my brain because I hate the house being a mess, but I am here all day and still can’t KEEP it in order. Ok enough chat..let a new day begin..blessings to all :)

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