How do you get rid of stuff?

by StephBuckwalter on April 5, 2011

Here’s some food for thought: Having stuff everywhere is emotionally draining. Giving to others makes the heart glad. You can boost your emotional state twice as fast when you give things away.

In light of this, I’d like to get some discussion going on how you get rid of stuff. Do you sell it or give it away? Please share your thoughts on Facebook or here on my blog. I will compile the list and share it with everyone in the next newsletter, along with tips on how to prioritize your giving so it becomes something that is easy instead of emotionally draining. Remember, the more people who share, the more options you’ll have in the giving report.

  • Homequeen

    As I live in a country where there are many needy people, I give everything away to those in need. Here it is not the same as Goodwill, who will sell the items and give a percentage of the sale to those in need. The item goes directly to someone in need and they can benefit from using it right away.
    40% of the population here exist below the poverty line….

  • Sheranne

    I volunteer in a clothing/household god pantry pantry. It is fun to see your clothes/household items go home with someone who is so excited about something new they received for free.

  • Sheranne

    ah – ooops, that is supposed to say household GOOD not GOD!

  • Audreyinboston

    I give things away if I know someone who needs it (clothes mostly). I also have a box in the basement where I put “yardsale-worthy” items. When I hear of someone having a yardsale, I donate the box to them. If I have something that is worth selling (i.e. a large-ticket item), I usually list it on craigslist since I live in a big city. It is easy to sell things there if it is fairly popular and you list it for a reasonable price (and always include a picture and all the details of the item). My favorite way to get ride of “stuff” is to put it in the recycle bin or the trash! :-)

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