The Dog’s Water Dish

by StephBuckwalter on November 19, 2010

Does your dog give you the gift of dirty floors around the water dish? Our dog (Hope) did that for over a year before I discovered an easy solution. When it was time to replace our spongy kitchen mat, I cut the old one down to fit the feeding area and placed it under the water and food dishes. Instant cure! No longer did I see that nice little trail of water that dripped from her jowls, inevitably enhanced by dirt from the kids’ feet when they came in from playing. The mat absorbs the water so it doesn’t mix with dirt or dry dog food from the food dish. Bonus: It also defines the feeding area so we’ve reduced the problem of people accidentally kicking the water bowl, sloshing water over the sides. I know you can buy similar mats at the pet store, but using your old kitchen mat is much cheaper.

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