Day 5 – The Twelve Days of Christmas Cleaning

by StephBuckwalter on December 7, 2012

Day 5 – The Bathrooms

The biggest organizational challenges in the bathroom tend to be no place for towels and too many bottles of cleaning supplies and body cleansers. For the first prone cheap solution is to get an over-the-door rack for the towels to keep them off the floor. We have one like the one pictured here with five hooks. During the summer we use it to hang up wet swimsuits and for bath towels.

Over Door Rack

Check to see what you have in all those bottles. For any products that you no longer use, get rid of them. If they are more than half empty, toss them. If they are over half full, find someone who can use them. Try to find a place (like a club or church meeting) where you can set them out with a sign that says FREE and share the wealth with others.

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