Day 3 – The Twelve Days of Christmas Cleaning

by StephBuckwalter on December 5, 2012

Day 3 – The Dining Room

Use the same routine here to get rid of items that don’t belong. Either put them away or box them.

Dining Room

The dining room may be very quick and easy if it is a single-purpose room in your home. Clear all surfaces and leave out only decorative items. If not, here are some problems areas you might need to address:

  • Office Area: Clear the desktop. If you have papers that need to be sorted, create a high-level file system and sort them before putting them away. For example, you can segment them according to household, work, school, financial, and so on. Use boxes, manila folders, or an accordion file to keep them organized.
  • Craft Area: Box the supplies that you won’t need during the holidays. Bring them out again in January. After not seeing them for a month, it will almost be like you just went shopping!
  • Homeschool Area: Do a holiday themed project that can be displayed as decorations. If you use those tabletop display boards, they can be used to hide books and supplies piled on surfaces.

Don’t forget to decorate in the dining room for the holidays. If you have a chandelier, one easy thing to do is tie those little red velvet bows on the curved metal or around the base of the light bulb holders. You can also tie your favorite ornament from the bottom so you can enjoy it every day.


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