Day 2 – The Twelve Days of Christmas Cleaning

by StephBuckwalter on December 4, 2012

Day 2 – The Living Areas

So, how did you do? Is your first room done? By the way, major cleaning will begin on Saturday. These first few days are simply to clear the room and organize it. Don’t bother cleaning them now. There will time for that later. On to the living areas.

Family Room

Living areas can be the living room, family room, den, recreation room, or basement. If you are pressed for time, only work on the areas you need ready for the holidays. The rest can wait until the new year. Go through the same process as you did with the entryway. Remove anything that does not belong in the room. Box it by sorting and labeling or making a list and pasting it to the outside of each box. Here are some things to work on:

  • Clean out from under furniture. Raised furniture serves to collect both dust and stuff. This time around, deal with the stuff.
  • Lift cushions and remove whatever has collected there.
  • Organize CDs, DVDs, video games and other media. One way to make it easy is to remove all disks from their cases and put them in paper sleeves. You can buy them in boxes of 100 at places that sell electronics. When it’s time to play a new DVD or CD, the one coming out of the machine goes into the sleeve just vacated. No more disks lying around without cases. Since the sleeves are plain, there is no need to try and find a match. This also means less storage space.
  • Straighten books and display shelves.
  • If toys or other items tend to stay out in plain sight where they shouldn’t be, put a basket or two out so you can toss the items in for quick and easy clean up. Once a week, go through the baskets and put things away. Great job for kids–or whoever else is leaving things out

Dealing with the Boxes

So, what should you do with the boxes? The ideal solution is to store them in another part of the house until you have time to go through them. If you have no room in other parts of the house, stack them neatly in a corner of the room and camouflage them with a cover. You can toss a Christmas tablecloth over the stack. Or you can throw a sheet over the stack and hang ornaments on it. Sheets are cheap at thrift stores if you don’t have one to spare. I’ll try to post a picture of an example tomorrow.

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Stephanie Buckwalter December 6, 2012 at 1:56 AM

We put up the tree last Sunday so this room was already done.

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