stephanie210x173fHello! Welcome to Busy Homemaker. My name is Stephanie Buckwalter. I’m so glad you stopped by. My greatest desire is that among these pages, you will find something you may have lost: hope. In particular, hope for your home life. Initially, the focus will be on your physical home, but the plan is to expand into all areas of homemaking over time.

A Little Bit of My Story

I’m married with five active children, four boys and a little girl. Family life has been fun and rewarding, but there have been many times when I’ve gotten stuck during this process of growing a family, managing a household, and being a good wife and mother. I asked friends for advice, sought counsel from others who had walked the same path, and searched the internet for answers. I learned a lot of how to’s on the practical side (which is what I was seeking), but I also learned a lot about the relational side (which was what I really needed). The result has been nothing short of miraculous and I want to share it with you.

One of the most important things I learned is that trials and victories alike are sweetest when shared with others, so my purpose here is to come alongside and help you when you get stuck in your home life — whether it is in housekeeping, family, or personal development. My hope is that you will find what you need here to get you unstuck and to keep you moving along the path to a fulfilling home life.

Stephanie Buckwalter