Habit: Putting Away Toys – Part 1

by StephBuckwalter on April 9, 2012

If you have lots of kids or lots of toys—or both—this one habit can make a huge difference in your home. Little kids like to play next to mom, wherever she may be. This means toys migrate all over the house.

Girl Playing with Plastic Food

To keep it simple, add a toy basket wherever you tend to spend a lot of time. When you move to another spot, simply toss all the toys into the basket. Be sure to have your little ones help so they learn the habit right from the start. The basket approach is easy for little ones because they don’t have to analyze and sort. They can simple put things away. Once a week, go through all the baskets and return toys to where they really belong. This is when you teach your child how to sort and to be a helper.

Photo Credit: Image: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
  • http://twitter.com/hollybmartin Holly Martin

    Love the photo! And baskets are a mom’s best friend!

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