Trash Can Lids

by StephBuckwalter on December 31, 2009

Here’s a quick tip to help your kitchen look a lot cleaner once you’ve done the regular cleaning. If your trash can has a lid, wipe it down with diaper wipes or kitchen wipes to get the grunge off. It’s amazing how your perception of the cleanliness of the room changes. If you are really motivated, take a look at the sides and wipe those down, too.

Side Note: It never occured to me to clean a trash can lid until I was at a friend’s house and saw her cleaning hers. I thought to myself, “Wow. I never thought of that!” Part of the reason is that growing up, our trash cans did not have lids.

  • littlebirdie

    I have a friend who is having her pet sitter stay at her house for a week and she is replacing all of her potholders because they have some spots and she is cleaing under all of her sinks. Her house (even her closets) look like they are directly from a spread in a home magazine. I am so intimidated that I won’t have her over to my house. How can I get through this. By the way she does have a husband, a dog and kids and her house is absolutely spotless, even in the places where you are not supposed to peek. She openly lets people walk into her bedroom and look in her closets and they are perfect…even the clothes are perfect. Her laundry room is like something out of a commercial…Help!

  • StephanieBuckwalter

    I know that intimidating feeling. I had a friend whose house was spotless, even with three boys. She rarely got past my front door. Several thoughts here. First, recognize that you are two very different people, and that’s OK. Second, decide what level of disarray you want to live with, then clean your house to that level. It sounds like your house will never look like hers, but that’s OK. Don’t give up on your house, just get to the place where you are comfortable with it so you can have people like your friend over again.

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