Habit: Dealing with Mail

by StephBuckwalter on January 15, 2012

Now we are getting into an area of serious challenge. Mail is one of those things that comes into the house whether you want it or not. It is so easy to simply toss it into a pile somewhere and let it sit.


Before it hits the countertop, pull out anything this is obviously trash. If you are not a couponer, then don’t save the coupons. Or if you use them occasionally, develop a place and a system for collecting them. You should also have a place and a system for actionable items, such as bills, medical/insurance mail, and appointments/invitations.

With that being said (the idea of dealing with mail immediately), I will say that the perspective of time can really help you decide what to keep and what to toss. I had tubs of old mail sitting around and I can guarantee that once the postmark is two years old, it is rarely worth opening. :-)

If you have old mail sitting around, look closely at what you do not open. You can try to reduce some of it by taking these steps:

  • For catalogs and mail from individuals or organizations, go to their websites and ask to be removed from their lists.
  • For credit card solicitations, you can opt out of receiving those for 5 years by calling 1-888-5 OPT OUT (1-888-567-8688) and following the recording. It’s the same idea as the “do not call” list for phone solicitations.
  • Don’t give your address freely for drawings and give aways.
  • Do not send in product warranty cards if the product is covered without it.
  • Any time you give your address, add a note asking that your name not be added to any mailing lists

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