Conquering the Pantry Moth

by StephBuckwalter on October 14, 2011

A few weeks ago, we had an influx of little gray moths in the pantry. It was weird, but since they tend to gravitate toward the ceiling, they were easy to kill and get rid of. About a week later, my kids started finding little worms on the cereal boxes. It turns out we were observing the life cycle of the pantry moth. Of course, I did not know that at the time. I had to go to the trusty internet to find out what kind of worms were common in pantries: pantry moth larvae.  Now came the serious clean out of the pantry. The good news is that I got rid of some really old food. I think the oldest item was about 3 years old. I guess I had neglected that part of my wifely duties for some time. In the end, the pantry moth infestation was a blessing in disguise. I’m a better housekeeper (at least for now) for having fought the battle in my pantry.

  • Renjac1301

    Oh I hate those little suckers, this summer we had to throw out a lot do to those things, I took everything out,whipped down with Bleach water, let dry real good, then threw in some bay leaves, got rid of them,and have not had any trouble since

  • Rebecca

    What did you do to store your food after the fact so that it wouldn’t get reinfested?

  • Stephanie Buckwalter

    The only things I put back immediately were the canned goods, after wiping them down “just in case.” Anything with paper was either tossed if it was open or quarantined if it was sealed tightly or new. I stored everything that could have possibly been infected in an ice chest for a few weeks, then opened the ice chest outdoors–in the cold now that it’s winter. There were a few live ones in the ice chest, but since we opened it outside it was not a problem. I think that killed most of them, but we still see one here and there. So far we have not had a major re-infestation.

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