Week 7, Day 4 – Hello?

by StephBuckwalter on July 21, 2011

We are just starting into the second half of the challenge. It started out strong, and now it has dwindled. I’d love to know what’s going on with you right about now. Are you doing it but not posting? (Some people told me that was the case on the weeks they did not want the prize.) Are you reading it but not motivated? Are you still struggling with something else that is keeping you from jumping in? I’d love to hear from you. And with the Disqus commenting system I installed, you can use one of your existing social media profiles to log in, or create one just for Disqus to remain anonymous. (FYI – If you create an ID for this site, it can be used on any site that uses Disqus.) So…honk(or comment)  if you’re out there!

[Kamikaze Cleaning Challenge - Week 7, Day 4]

  • miamichickens

    I’m here-it’s just that once the things that were really bothering me were done, I haven’t had much motivation to do more. But I am mostly maintaining what has been cleaned up so far and last night I really thought about what needs to happen at my house now (usually I don’t make it to this point unless company is coming)-it’s not like it is all cleaned up, but the main rooms are being maintained much cleaner now.

    Oh, a funny/gross thing. Our house was really stinky. I kept thinking-it can’t be something under the couch cause I’ve cleaned that recently, can’t be under the kitchen sink-i’ve cleaned that recently, can’t be the potato bin cause we’ve cleaned that out, etc. Anyways, finally found the culprit-frozen turkey that had gotten left in the grocery bag FIVE days before. ewwww! But so glad that it all taken care of. I just thought it was funny because your motivation has really helped my house be in better shape:)

  • Anonymous

    Eww is right! LOL

  • Bonita

    I’m still here, but I had a lot of business and social things hit me all at once and I had to make those a priority. However, I have done some big projects. I painted the living room and part of the kitchen–still working on those. I’m also decluttering my office and paring down a lot of stuff. My parents are giving us a portable kitchen island which I’m picking up next week so I’ve waited to do my kitchen stuff until I get it and can figure out where I want things to go. I haven’t gotten all the stuff done that I’d planned, but I’m still chipping away and haven’t forgotten the challenge.

  • 1tiredmom

    I’m still here…my mother-in-love is going down hill with lung cancer, so she
    is taking top priority. She lives over 500 miles away so we are staying with
    her about a week at a time when we go. Besides that, my son is a missionary
    and is leaving for a country in Europe in about a week and my daughters and
    I always try to send quilts with him wherever he goes so we have been finishing
    up that project…which is not part of the challenge. Believe me, when I am done
    my house looks like it needs a challenge!!:o) Next room to tackle–storage room.

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