Week 6, Day 1 – Going Through Stacks of Mail

by StephBuckwalter on July 11, 2011

I had a great insight into this task last week when going through piles of mail in our office: Making a decision on what to do with mail is really easy when the postmark is from 2010.

[Kamikaze Cleaning Challenge - Week 6, Day 1]

  • Anonymous

    Worked on the boys’ room for 30 minutes clearing out old toys that they don’t play with any more. Spent 30 minutes catching up on office work.

  • Amy

    The postmark thing has helped me in the past too. Also the dates on receipts and old pay stubs, and bills and … Anyway, I finally let go of many of those things a few years ago. Now I only have about 7 years of that stuff kept, and all by year, so I can do a big shred every year or two. We had a home business for awhile and I kept that stuff incase IRS comes around.

  • Amy

    Unfortunately no challenge time today, too busy dealing with kdis and headaches. Maybe tomorrow!

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