Are You Motivated to Clean?

by StephBuckwalter on February 10, 2011

Let’s face it. Except for the occasional organizational challenge, housekeeping is pretty much a left-brain activity. As far as an innate desire to clean, it likely doesn’t exist for the right-brained homemaker. You need an external motivator.

Here are some other things that may be motivating factors for you:
-    A list of pros and cons related to cleaning up
-    Emotional relief from clearing things out of sight
-    A happy spouse, kids, sister, mother, cousin, etc.
-    Having people over again
-    Making room for new stuff in your life
-    Getting rid of the emotional baggage from having so much stuff
-    Going public: telling someone else about your plans
-    Accountability: getting a coach, mentor, or friend involved
-    A special occasion: birthday, guests, holiday, family reunion
-    Listening to favorite music while working
-    Knowing that while you work, everyone else will leave you alone because they don’t like housework, either
-    Jotting accomplishments on a calendar that you can review periodically to see your progress

(Excerpt from Kamikaze Cleaning Stage 3: Restoration, “Chapter 8: Facing Your Giants”)

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