How does a single girl on her own get rid of a cockroach?

by StephBuckwalter on October 29, 2010

One of my sisters (I have nine) is visiting and we got on the subject of roaches. Don’t ask how, just go with it. She remembers a time when she lived in Dallas, alone, and there would periodically appear a gigantic cockroach in the shower. I asked her what she did about it, but she said she couldn’t remember. I think she was just too embarassed to admit that, for one brief moment, she became like Mama.

Back home when we were growing up, if we saw a cockroach we would do the girly thing and yell, “Ack! A cockroach. Someone get rid of it.” With ten girls and a house on the outskirts of town, this was a not uncommon occurence. Not willing to face the nasty bugs alone, we would either gang up and throw things at it or try some kind of homemade extermination remedy like spraying bathroom cleaner on it. Cockroaches don’t die that easily, at least not the ones we had in Texas. As a last resort, if Daddy was not at home, Mama would come to the rescue. She would boldly approach the roach and simply step on it–crrrunch–bare foot, if necessary. You see, to her, a dead cockroach was more important than a yucky bare foot in her fight to keep her home free of pests.

I think my sister secretly wanted to be like Mama so she probably did the same with her little visitor in the shower. Even though she doesn’t remember how she killed it, she said the horror of seeing it still makes her squirm–even thirty years later.

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