Understanding the Right-Brained Person

by StephBuckwalter on March 8, 2010

This was too good to keep to myself so I’ve decided to share. One of the things that really helped me get a grip on my house was realizing that as a right-brained person, my approach to life–including homemaking–was different than 50% of the population (that would be the left-brained half of the population for those readers who don’t like logic problems). I came to see that the struggles I had were related to my life’s outlook more than a serious character flaw, although I’m sure some who know me might disagree :-). I also realized that I could work with my natural tendencies instead of against them to achieve a clean house. I’ve excerpted Chapter 2 of I Want My House Back! It explains how a right-brain person operates as it applies to housekeeping. I hope you’ll find insight and inspiration to help you through your own struggles with housekeeping. You can also peruse the table of contents.

NOTE: If you are having trouble with the file, it may mean that others are accessing it simultaneously. You can right click on the link (PC users), then Save Target As to download it to your computer.

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