Depression and Housekeeping

by StephBuckwalter on February 24, 2010

Does it seem like the condition of your house is simply a reflection of what’s going on inside? That’s not surprising. It’s hard to get motivated to work on the house when you are emotionally drained. Depression has root causes that can be addressed. Some of them are genetic, but others are not. For those that are not, it helps to search out the root cause. For me, one of the roots was unforgiveness. I won’t go into detail here, but I realized that there were people who had hurt me whom I had never forgiven. Once I forgave them, it surprised me that things did not seem to get better. I finally realized that the unforgiveness had turned into bitterness and that bitterness had spilled over into many relationships. I had to go through and “forgive” everyone for perceived slights. Of course, those people had done nothing wrong but I had projected blame onto them. Once I realized that and worked through it, the depression began to lift. That’s when I felt ready to tackle my house. If you are still in the depths of depression, I hope you can find a way to examine your life for the source of your depression.

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