Keeping Up with Laundry

by StephBuckwalter on January 3, 2010

We are a family of seven and laundry seems to multiply over time, especially in the winter when the clothes are bulkier. If you are a clothes horse and love clothing and keep it in prime condition, then this probably won’t help you. But if you are more lax in your laundry standards, here are some things I have done to make laundry maintenace easier:

  1. I put a basket in each of the kids’ bedrooms to collect laundry instead of collecting it in one central place. When the basket has collected enough for a load, I wash it. When dry, the load goes right back into that room for the occupants to fold and put away once they are old enough.
  2. I don’t sort into colors. One reason I can get away with this is that I don’t typically buy white clothing for my kids. If I do, it goes in with my laundry instead of the kids’ laundry.
  3. Unless I have enough to make two loads, I don’t sort by weight. Jeans go in with everything else.
  4. I wash the kids’ clothes on the same setting, usually warm wash, cold rinse–even for colors. After the first wash, any damage that is going to be done will be done so it won’t matter after that. Just buy large if you think it will shrink.
  5. I have one of those 3-section laundry sorters squeezed into the laundry room where I can sort clothes for me and my husband. I have darks in one, whites in another, and linens in the third one. This allows me to fine-tune my washing and I can easily see when I have enough for a load. If anything in the kids’ laundry needs special treatment, I toss it in with ours.

I have had the ocassional ruined garment, but in general, this system works for us. I hope you can use some of these ideas to ease your laundry load.


  • Anonymous

    My friend has come over several times each week to throw in a load of laundry for us. I panicked yesterday when she washed towels and jeans with knits and dress shirts, but everything seemed to come out fine. You moms without so many laundry rules rock! ha ha

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